OPI Brazilian Collection Part 1 Swatches

Hi Girls!
I’m back!
This time around, (hopefully) I’m here to stay. It’s been 2 years since my last entry. Hope you girls are okie:-) Anyways, Today ill be posting swatches from the OPI Brazil Collection. First half today and hopefully the rest will come in in a week time. Im sorry if the pictures aren’t that great. Completely forgot how to use my camera!

So a little about this collection: it’s a 2014 Brazil Collection from OPi. The colors, well some are awesome and some are quite common. Out of all the colors, my fav is the yellow: I Just Cant Cope-acabana. I cant remember when OPI release a yellow last but if im not mistaken its been at least 5 years since they did. Probably more! So I was very very excited when I saw a yellow in this collection. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a  little tricky to apply. Quite streaky.. But hey, its not something my fav top coat cant smoothen:-) The rest are ok. Anyways; here it is.. 

The Promo Poster. 







Hope you girls like it.. come back for the second part next week:-)
Happy Holidays to all Malaysians tomoro! 
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M&M's Nail Art!!

This i did just for fun:-)
Hope you girls like it. sorry its all taken under flash. Its night already and i was just too excited:-(
Have fun with m&m's!

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Hi girls. Swatches today is from the Zoya Summertime Collection. A little delayed swatches, nevertheless, its here:-) Love the way all the colors applies. Perfect! All crèmes, and needed only 2 coats! Colors, all gorgeous, but nothing new:







Hope you like em:-)


OPI Nicki Minaj 2012 Collection

Hi Girls.. How are you guys doing? Hope all is doing well. Well before I proceed, Happy New Year!! Hope everyone celebrates it well. Anyways, today’s swatches is on OPI nicki Minaj Collection. This collection comes in a pack of 6 colors. 3 cremes, 2 glitters, and 1 shatter. Truthfully, im tired of these shatters. I don’t know why don they just move to a different phase rather than getting stuck in the shatter phase. Seriously! I know this might sound insane but I think the real nail polish world is stuck kind of a year behind. China produced shatter like polishes like few years ago. 2 years back they created the magnetic polishes, and last year I found mood changing- temperature nail polishes. I wonder when are all those big nail polish companies bringing these in? I know this year CG is producing the magnetic polishes. So is this year the year of magnetic polishes? We shall wait and see:-)

Regardless, here are the swatches for the Nicki Minaj Collection.



This is a normal blue but this is also a favorite of mine in this collection. Why? Coz I love crèmes, and I love BLUE!! This color is very similar to china glaze’s custom kicks. Application was ok. Im starting to dislike OPI’s prowide brush. Is it just me or does any1 realize that the brushes are getting quite hard that it produces streaks when you apply these polishes? Also, its getting too wide!

Did it On Em’

Yellow! Who the Shrek are you- one shade lighter yellow. Another repeated color. Regardless, I can’t find who the shrek are you anymore so I guess this is what that will replace it. Again same application issue as above.

Pink Friday

Pinks.. Now what can I say? Too many pinks? This was 2 coats. Its quite opaque compared to the other pinks. Same application issue as above.

Metallic 4 Life

This is a black base with large silver glitters. If you have Nubar’s Knight amour, or CG’s haunting. U probably don need this. However, this has bigger glitter than the other two though. Application was slightly easier with this compared to the crèmes.

Save Me

Save me is a holographic glitter polish with long glitters. The swatches here doesn’t do any justice to this color. Its quite nice in real life. Not my cup of tea though. Application was easy, but I needed 4 coats for this swatch. Removing it was a pain though:-(

Super Bass Shatter

Super Bass Shatter is a purple shatter. It went well with all the crèmes. It didn’t cracked as much on ‘save me’. Application was easy and it cracked easily too when you put on a very thin layer. 

So.. What you think?

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